How using Twitter contributed to developing my PLN – 2014 post


There is no doubt that people use twitter from all over the globe to connect with others with similar learning & sharing interests. There’s no shortage of blog posts about how Twitter has changed my life. Some are business people who have found using twitter a great benefit for promoting their business and finding inspiring people and personal gain as explained by Michele Price in her post. Others use it to develop their PLN Professional Learning Network or Personal Learning Network.

There are endless blog posts and articles explaining the impact using Twitter has had on professional and personal learning. Jillian Heise explains on her blog how Twitter has become her professional lifesaver. Michelle Ockers writes a post to personally thank her PLN Chris Wejr describes his learning journey and how using Twitter contributed to his PLN.
I am currently developing a presentation as a part of my MEd coursework to display to teacher colleagues explaining the value of using Twitter to develop PLN. It’s becoming increasingly important for educators to be connected to each other and for the skills they are required to develop to teach 21st-century learners.

Retrieved from:Open Colleges, via EdTech Times CC Licensed.

I am conducting a survey of teachers on Twitter to gather evidence to use in my presentation about how using Twitter contributed to the development of PLN.  I will post about the responses I receive once they have been collated.


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